• Our efforts and resources are directed in the following ways:



We provide funds to affected families to cover cost of living expenses for years after the loss of a worker.


We work to increase the education and awareness of the participants of this growing industry as to the outcomes in the event of tragedy so that there are well-informed and responsible choices on the part of the consumer.


We work to improve the available insurance, the standards of coverage, and mandatory minimums set by the government in regards to insurance of local workers.


We monitor families and individuals we support in order to help with needs such as education and health that are particular to individual situations.

Mission Statement:

To support and empower families and communities impacted by the loss of Himalayan high-altitude workers.

The Juniper Fund is a tax exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization.
Tax ID#46-1491983

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The Juniper Fund, PO Box 30829, Seattle WA 98103