Vocational Training with support of The Juniper Fund

In June, four women received vocational training grants from The Juniper Fund to complete a course in Food Production in Cooking. In early September, they all successfully completed the training and are making plans to put this knowledge to good use.

·       Yanjee Sherpa want to open her own tea shop

·       Pasang Lhamu wants to enhance her restaurant and hotel

·       Phuwra Yangii also wants to improve her hotel

·       Bandi Tamang wants to buy a tea shop

These women are all hoping to become more financially independent after the loss of their husband’s income due to mountain accidents.  The Juniper Fund was proud to be part of their continuing education and help them take their businesses to the next level. In addition to vocational training, we will be working with these individuals to help support their next ventures by providing monetary support, as well business advisory and consultation services.

We are committed to the continued support of our with families in Nepal and working with individuals to help advance their business and career goals. Vocational Training is a part of this mission, and we have provided support not only towards the cooking class, but also language classes, hotel management training, and more.

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