Letter from The Juniper Fund

As almost all of you are aware, a devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal just before noon on Saturday April 25th. This tragedy has claimed thousands of lives and has caused extensive damage throughout the country. Our organization thanks all of those who have donated in this recent period.

David Morton, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the The Juniper Fund, has been in Thame valley during the earthquake as well as the days afterward (a village located in the Khumbu Valley).

Co-Founder Melissa Arnot was also in Khumbu during the earthquake and witnessed the tragedy. She has returned to Everest Base Camp temporarily.



We are in need more than ever of support for expedition workers. The most recent information indicates that there were 11 Nepalese nationals who perished in base camp working for expeditions on Mt. Everest this season. We continue to advocate for these workers. They subject themselves to dangers as evidenced by this season and last seasons’ tragedies. The number of people who died at Everest base camp versus the rest of Khumbu is a stark reminder of this elevated risk.

As David said, while enduring the difficulties of the earthquake tragedy in Thame, “I’ve seen in the Thame valley the remarkable gratefulness of families that are intact and alive despite the loss of property and possessions. That can’t be said for those who lost their lives working for expeditions this season”.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have been impacted by this disaster. Please support these workers who perished this season working on Mt. Everest by donating to The Juniper Fund. We need your support desperately. Two seasons of incalculable and abnormal tragedy is hard to endure as a small organization. But, we continue to see the great benefit to families that our support affords. We ask for your support for these workers.



The Juniper Fund will stay focused and committed to providing support for expedition workers and their families affected by the earthquake. Please contribute to The Juniper Fund today.

We will work in the rebuilding process of some of the communities where we serve. Many of our families have lost their homes in this recent event and we will be supporting the efforts in rebuilding.

Thank you for your consistent and generous support.


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